Small group heli skiing is unlike any other type of skiing. It will magnify your entire wilderness experience in the mountains and change your life forever.

Snowwater Heli skiing operates in a region known as the West Kootenays of British Columbia. We chose this area as the quality of snow is like few other places on earth. The unsurpassed consistency, quantity, and lightness of our ‘white gold’ are well known to powder connoisseurs the world over.

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed into the Snowwater family and be made to feel at ease in your new mountain home. Groups of twelve regularly book the entire lodge and thus have a truly private adventure. 

Every day at Snowwater, three groups of four guests are matched up and privately guided through 150,000 acres of engaging and magnificent terrain.  Essentially that equates to volumes of deep powder, choice, juicy lines and no competition for fresh tracks!

With only 4 guests per guide, we can easily tailor to specific ability levels and ambitions, maximize terrain use, and keep an intimate, relaxed atmosphere in the big mountains, which increases confidence and individual skill levels.

Another important factor of small group heli skiing is the added communication between guide and guests in the field.  Not only does it allow greater flexibility to explore interesting and unique terrain features, it improves the level of safety in the backcountry.  Each guest also has a personalize radio with an extrenal mike for communication at all times!

Our sleek, high performance helicopter is a powerful mountain helicopter ideally suited for small group heli skiing. A B3E A-Star Eurocopter, it embodies advanced technology equipment and provides comfortable, quiet cabin room for a guide, four guests and a pilot. A sleek and agile machine, the B3 offers many advantages over large, big group helicopters. Able to fly faster, it adapts and maneuvers easily in big mountains, while safely accessing terrain that heftier helicopters cannot, such as small ridge features and openings.  Our bump out window feature also gives increased cabin space permiting greater passenger visibility, space and comfort. Once you experience small group heli skiing, there is no turning back.

If you've ever been heli skiing before, you'll know that there are those days where the weather socks in and you simply can't fly. Normally this means you're stuck playing cards with your buddies.  But with our snowcat back program - you'll be able to keep shredding lines all day long. Many repeat guests who have checked out every heli operation imagineable return to us as their 'chosen' favorite because of these differences. 

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