Winter 2021 Updates

Welcome back to Snowwater!

We are so excited to welcome in another season. Here in the Kootenays we just officially switched gears into winter as we watched our first major snowfall yesterday coat the mountains far and wide. With La Nina on the way, 2021 is promising to be one to remember.

We know you’re all wondering what is going on with this winter – so we’ll get right to it.

With borders currently closed to international non-essential travelers, our regular season may not look like it normally does, but all bookings are still in place for those who have made one, in the hopes that everything can go ahead as scheduled. While we continue to watch as the government reassesses the situation every 30 days, we have now devised a plan to keep our core team intact so that we can welcome you back this season if and when the time permits, while at the same time continuing to employ our key people.

In order to accommodate the uncertainty of travel, we have pushed back all final payments until Dec 1. We will then reconsider how the winter looks and whether or not you will be able to visit us. If the border does not open within one month of your trip, we will fully credit your deposit forward to the same dates next year. You will be notified no later than 30 days prior to your trip whether or not we will be preceding with your trip.

In the mean time, we have generated a few new ideas to help fill the holes and keep our team employed this winter with those who are able to visit us. We are augmenting our unlimited all-inclusive heli program with our new day heli trips from Nelson, as well as an all-inclusive hybrid heli-assisted ski touring package. These trips will be available on dates only when there are no trips already booked at the lodge, so as to avoid any overlap.

We are offering these trips to Canadians, or anyone who is in the country and able to visit us this winter. Initially we will offer trips only on dates that are still currently available. The bookings will follow our normal booking procedure, with the regular terms and conditions applied.

We will also be offering the ‘potential’ sale of currently booked seats. These will be held with a $500 refundable deposit. If within one month of the currently booked trip, or if it is announced that the border will be permanently closed for the winter, the new booking will proceed with the applied payment procedure and all previously booked trips will be credited forward to next year. Our hope is to be clear and upfront about how this process will work so as to avoid confusion or disappointment, and that it will allow us to provide winter work to our staff while operating a modified season for those that can travel with us.

We would again like to sincerely thank all of our guests who have booked with us in the past, or who are thinking of booking this winter. We know this is a unique and far from ideal circumstance, but we so appreciate your patience, support and understanding during this time. We can’t wait to see you again, as well to make new friends, and share the Snowwater Experience that we have all come to know and love.

- Patric, Maria and the Snowwater Team

Last Updated November 27, 2020

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