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Updated November 24, 2020

Thanks for checking in to see how we can help you book with confidence this winter.

From the onset of this pandemic, we have been hard at work developing and adjusting our new policies and procedures to best help navigate this unprecedented time.  Together with Blackhomb Helicopters, we are committed to protecting our staff, our guests and the community from the spread of COVID-19. 

As we continue to obsess over every detail in all aspects of our business, we are diligently following the most current comprehensive protection policies and procedures to protect everyone in our lodge and office environments. We have adopted measures that are in accordance with guidelines set out by the Public Health Office of British Columbia. We do anticipate regulations and best practices evolving as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds and we will adapt as necessary. We will keep you informed of these changes along the way and appreciate your patience as we all negotiate the challenges ahead.

Our business is no stranger to mitigating risk, and we take it seriously. Please read this document before departing for your trip, and let us know if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you at Snowwater this winter!

  • Within 4 weeks of the start date of your scheduled 2020/2021 trip this winter, if you need to cancel due to Covid-related government-imposed circumstances that inhibit your ability to get here, including border closures or self-isolation requirements, we will credit the value of your trip, either to a later date in the 2021 season, or to the 2022 ski season), less an admin fee of $100.

  • If a Covid-related government border closure occurs that forces you to leave while you are already at Snowwater, 100% of the unused portion of your trip would be credited to the following season (half days would not apply).

  • If we are required to cancel your trip due to government restrictions that would inhibit our ability to operate, we will credit your trip up to the end of the 2022 season. If you are unable to visit us this season, you will have the opportunity to have the same trip dates in 2022.

  • The option to transfer your trip to someone else will now be available, as per our terms.

  • If you need to cancel your trip outside of 4 weeks from your trip date, our regular terms and conditions will apply.

*Please note if you get injured, develop a medical condition (other than COVID), you would be covered by our MEDICAL EVACUATION INSURANCE already included in your trip.

If you purchased our previous COVID PLAN, then you can still cancel at any time, as per that guarantee.

We encourage you to check back here for further details as the situation continues to unfold.

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Please feel free to reach out to our team if you would like to talk to us directly. Your continuned support and patience throughout these challenging times is very much appreciated.

We are currently reviewing every aspect of our operation in relation to COVID-19 and developing updated health and safety procedures.

We sincerely hope that we will all be shredding the pow together this winter. Fingers crossed!

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