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Snowwater Tenure & Management Plan

The Management Team at Snowwater Heli Skiing has created this webpage to provide information and access to our approved current tenure documents.  We realize that there has been some public confusion due to the circulation of our original 2001 tenure management plan.  

We have now posted both updated versions of our management plan to this site to provide clarity on our tenure and operating practices.  We have also created a public feedback section on this page where any public user can submit a comment directly to the Snowwater Team to start a productive conversation and address any questions or concerns.

Our most recent update was a minor amendment approved in 2021 to update our primary access and road use on Rover/Snowwater FSR to access our private property and Lodge.

We have also attached our 2011 renewal Management Plan.

Under the guidance of the Ministry we engaged in consultation with First Nations and local user groups while working with the Ministry from 2010-2015 to complete our tenure renewal. After 4.5 years of work this document was approved and backdated to 2011.

Our original tenure proposal for file #4403367 was for a total area of 13,422 hectares. We then reduced our operating area to 10,114 hectares, and again further reduced this with our 2011 renewal to 8,411 hectares. We also reduced our operating season by one month, from May 15th to April 15th annually.

Below we have included some key points from our Management Plan and highlighted Snowwater’s involvement with local organizations

  • Snowwater Heli Skiiing (SHS) has been operating since 1993 based out of our private property in Snowwater Creek.

  • Since 1993 SHS has been maintaining and grooming Rover/Snowwater FSR free of charge to all users.
  • In 2008 SHS bought Valhalla Powdercats (VPC) and added another heli ski tenure to our business, spreading our ski days over two tenures.

  • In 2008 SHS sold a piece of our private property to the crown to guarantee public access to lands past our private property.

  • SHS has been stocking firewood in a number of the public Bonnington cabins for years free of charge.
  • SHS is 100% Canadian owned and operated employing 10 year-round employees and 42 seasonal employees - creating jobs for the local economy.
  • SHS is community minded - working with a number of local user groups and Selkirk College.
  • SHS has assisted and worked cooperatively with local Search and Rescue groups in several rescues within the Bonnington and Valhalla Ranges.
  • SHS cut a snowroad from the Sno-goers Rover cabin to access the alpine directly free of charge.
  • SHS’s guide team submits information daily to Avalanche Canada that is used to create the public information bulletins regarding Avalanche Safety.
  • SHS is proud to have our primary helicopter provider as Canada’s first carbon neutral helicopter company.
  • To offset any additional carbon use SHS has been collecting seed for reforestation for over 30 years.
  • SHS and its parent company, have been involved in BC wildland firefighting since the early 80s. The heliskiing industry has been contributing to a overall healthy helicopter industry through contract winter work. Climate change has brought challenges and requires a healthy helicopter industry in order to combat ever growing extreme fire seasons in Canada.

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