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Trip Insurance



(insured by TUGO).

Your trip now includes EMERGENCY MEDICAL and EVACUATION INSURANCE for acute, sudden and unexpected sickness or injury for visitors and Canadians. This coverage includes ambulance evacuation to a hospital as well as hospital and physician charges. This insurance covers you ONLY while from the time you are at the lodge with us until the end of your trip.

Medical claims do require that you be seen by a physician and becomes activated when you visit a doctor in Canada for a post injury examination. The insurance covers the evacuation expenses and associated medical costs in Canada only.

Coverage is provided for ALL guests on a mandatory basis for Emergency Medical Services, Ambulance, (including Helicopter evacuation to hospital and/or ground ambulance to) due to sickness or injury.

This insurance does not cover COVID or COVID - related illness expenses.

Medical Evacuation Coverage Details

Travelling Canadians: Sum Insured $5,000,000 CAD Deductible $0 Visitors to Canada (any international guest): Sum Insured $ 200,000 CAD Deductible $0

If the guest has a pre-existing medical condition these terms will apply to the condition.

  • Canadians – no stability period required.
  • Visitors under the age of 59 require 120-day stability before entering Canada
  • Visitors age 60 to 69 require 180-day stability before entering Canada Ground ambulance or Helicopter evacuation to hospital is covered without pre-approval by the insurer (they will accept an invoice from a leased Helicopter for the evacuation). BC Residents are covered for Ambulance and Helicopter evacuation only out of the backcountry to hospital.

The insurance company will make direct billing arrangements with the hospital as quickly as possible, however, hospitals in BC may require a credit card deposit upon admission. Further coverage details are available by contacting Acera Insurance directly at 1-877-542-8577 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


It is highly recommended that all guests purchase Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance (this is NOT included in your trip as it is based on individual circumstances such as trip price, your age etc). Please pay special attention to our Terms and Conditions.

We understand that occasionally events occur that prevent you from joining us. What can happen? Missed connections, schedule changes, your own accident or injury, a travel companion or family member becomes ill, natural disasters, or even loss of employment. These events could cause you to cancel your trip or cause a disruption.  

Cancellation insurance will insure the non-refundable travel costs before you depart. Generally, Trip Cancellation costs about 5% of your trip cost and it's worth the peace of mind.

Interruption insurance covers off your lost trip and unexpected out of pocket costs if your trip is interrupted after you start your trip.


Note that inclement weather, poor conditions, or dangerous terrain/conditions are never covered by insurance providers.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any trouble booking cancellation/interruption insurance, please give us a call and we will try to assist with the process via the carrier.

COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 is a known pre-existing risk that carries an exclusion endorsement on policies effective March 4, 2020 (meaning it is not covered by the above medical insurance).


New entry requirements are now in effect. Visa-exempt foreign nationals require an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada. (US Citizens do not require an eTA).

Be prepared: Apply for an eTA as soon as possible. Most applicants are approved within minutes. However, there is the possibility of a delay or a denial.

It is recommended you arrange your eTA as soon as possible to pre-determine your entry status.

Snowwater is not responsible, or liable to make any refunds, for guests who are denied an eTA, or entry in Canada for any reason. Note that a denied or delayed eTA or denied entry at the Canadian Border is not covered by Travel Insurance.